🤔 The Problem

Companies like Instagram allow a single link to be included in your profile. It's difficult to express just who you are with a single link. For the most part, brands will enter their website by default. But in 2020, is this the best approach when trying to build your brand through social media? We believe not, and we think Discvr could be the answer.

We maximise the effect of that single Instagram or Twitter link. Simple.

From Socials to Sales

The data is clear. ~80% of users are now using mobile phones to access the internet, especially when they're on Instagram and Twitter. Intent is important, as is allowing your potnetial customers to act on that intent as quickly as possible.

All Your Socials. One Page.

Brands are creating more content then ever before. Content designed for Instagram might not be right for Twitter, but why should your followers miss out? Discvr ties all of your social channels together and makes linking between them a breeze.

Call, Find, Follow, and More!

I'm looking for your phone number, why should I have to click through 5 pages on your website to find it? Discvr makes things easy for you and your followers and has fixed buttons for quick actions, like calling a business, finding directions or viewing the menu.

Vouchers & Analytics

Discvr is more than just a landing page. It's a complete marketing tool. You can create, update and share promotions on your profile. Plan them with timed promotions, or create vouchers that only show on certain days. We provide full statistics on your profile, so you can see just how many users are converting.

Built For Modern Businesses Using Modern Technology
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